Wedding DJ's providing more than "Just music"

Wedding DJ's providing more than "Just music"

Wedding DJ's providing more than "Just music" Wedding DJ's providing more than "Just music" Wedding DJ's providing more than "Just music"

About BVDJ

All Kinds of Parties!

 Bow Valley DJ has been proudly serving the valley since 2008, from Kananaskis to Lake Louise and all points in between.  BVDJ strives to make your Wedding or Event a memorable and  enjoyable experience.  Our Clients receive access to a  personalized portal providing a tailored experience. They have control over every aspect of the event to  suit their individual needs.  With over a decade of local wedding DJ & corporate DJ experience, we know the venues and the people.



At BVDJ, we don't do salespeople, and we don't like to do packages - everything we do is designed specifically for you and your event needs. 

So, if you are planning to achieve a specific look or wish to stay within a specific budget – we will create something perfect for your event.

Having the right DJ for your event is important to us. This is based on Chemistry/ Compatibility/ Musical taste. If you know what you want your personal soundtrack to sound like, tell us and we will fit you with the perfect DJ. You may not have given it much thought, and that is perfect we can help there too.

Every one of the full-time, super-talented, experienced Event Hosts at BVDJ meets with their clients from the very beginning, and only if they’re available. We use this as a getting-to-know-you moment. The idea is it lets everyone get a feel for personalities and expectations. We’ll talk about some pretty cool enhancements that might or might not be right for your celebration. From there you select the type of experience you feel fits best for your vision and event - and we even allow our couples to adjust the contract services throughout the process, so you have total control of everything you have and do with the BDVJ.

Why Choose BVDJ?

If you are looking for  your wedding to be romantic, fun, and stress  free, look no further than BVDJ. We are not about those  dumb-cheesy, DJ gimmicks. We are all about great music and a packed  dance floor. We strive to make your special day as incredible as you've  always imagined.



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Do you have questions about our Wedding DJ or Corporate DJ packages, want to book a event, or collaborate on a new piece? Music is built on community. Reach out, and let's make magic happen.