We use Serato DJ to mix music videos in the EXACT same way we would use standard Digital DJ media. We are able to display these on monitors for the guest's to enjoy in addition to the other entertainment. It has been out experience that this Extra Dimension keeps people interested and has higher dance floor retention.

Q: Do you do outdoor ceremonies?

A: Yes, we can provide sound for outdoor ceremonies  using a battery pack. This provides continuous sound for up to an hour  in most cases. We reserve the final weather call when it comes to  outdoor events.

Q: Do you provide Lighting?

A: Yes, BVDJ provides Dance floor lighting, a 2 speaker PA, and 1 wireless hand held microphone with every basic package.

Q: Do you provide UP-Lighting?

A: Yes for an additional fee. You can select the colour or let us.

Q: Can you be our MC?

A: Yes. I always suggest using a family friend to be the MC, that said I am able to fill in if needed.

Q: How many songs do you have?

A: I have a vast library of all genera of music,  typically I carry around 900 GB of music at any time. It is a lot more  than I would ever use in an evening. My record pool has a vast back  catalogue of music as well, most venues have WiFi so I can access songs I  haven’t on hand in a few minutes.

Q: Do you provide sound for bands or solo acts?

A: This is not what I do. I can, however. The Band responsible for ALL  of their own cables and effects. They must be able to connect to my  equipment. It is their responsibility to contact me and discuss their needs at least 30 days in advance of the event.


I use only licenced music & videos. I am also a member of CPDJA & CONNECT. Then VENUE is responsible for SOCAN. They may pass this fee onto you.