Keisha & Tony "Best Wedding"

My favourite review :)

We live in sunny Palm Beach, Florida,  and we had no idea who to hire for DJ services for our wedding. We sent  emails out to about 10 different companies. I still didn’t chose them  because we wanted a personal referral, someone who KNEW the DJ. We hired  Ashley from Signature Weddings as our coordinator, and she referred  your services - we took the leap and hired your company.

That was one of the best decision we made. We LOVE Barrymore! He was AMAZING!

I am still getting compliments about how great he was.

When I walked into the cocktail  reception - Barrymore walked over and personally greeted me and  introduced himself - first best thing he did.

Throughout the night - he was the  consummate professional and gentleman. He played the music we loved, and  took quite a few requests from our drunk guests... LOL.. he had  everyone dancing, he had everyone laughing.

THANK YOU BARRYMORE for giving US the  best wedding... I can't even find the words to describe how incredibly  awesome you are, and how my family just loves you. My step son talks  about you. Not sure when he bonded with you, but he did. 

You made our wedding so memorable. We  will NEVER forget the personal touch from Barrymore, and the care he  took into guaranteeing my wedding was a great success.

Keisha & Tony